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1965 Shelby Cobra Replica

The car was purchased as an abndoned project and was a complete basket case. Bolts and nuts missing, no cotter pins in the tie rod end castle nuts a birds nest of wiring, etc. We tore the car down and sent the frame out to Glory for snadblasting and powder caoting.

With the frame complete we assembled the suspension, steering, and braking components. We also started tearing the motor down and had it all gone through. After a big stop at American Motor Sports we installed new pistons with our dry film lubricant, Trick Flow Aluminum heads, a Trick Flow camshaft, and all was topped off with a Trick Flow upper and lower intake manifold. From there we installed the motor and transmission. The tranny was a built AOD. (dont ask!) We also installed the Rear end done by Advanced Driveline. This all sits on a set of aluminum bullet wheels that are soon to be "Cerama Kromed".

Next on the agenda was the endless hours of getting the body straight. Even though this is a component car the amount of work that goes into making these bodies straight is incredible. Once we got it close it was off to Harper's Auto Body. We were very impressed in the quality of work that Fred turns out and we were not let down. We ended up going with a Jaguar Red Base/Clear. Going with Harpers paid off as the body came back better than expected.

Our next step will be dyno tuning and getting a quarter mile baseline time. One thing is for sure. Having the entire exhaust Ceramic Coated has significantly reduced underhood temps and radiation through the firewall and no longer roasts your toes.

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