High Performance Ceramic Coatings

Performance Kote offers protection using the most technologically advanced ceramic coatings available today. We offer a wide range of coatings depending on the type of protection you are looking for. We have ceramic coatings to insulate from high temperatures, protect in harsh chemical environments, transfer heat, resist the transfer of heat, or lubricate under high load. We know we have the best materials currently available and intend to keep ourselves on the forefront of coating technology.

There are different categories that ceramic coatings fall into. The following information will help provide a basic overview of the categories and the protection afforded by each.

Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC)

The most common use of a TBC is on exhaust systems; for sake of discussion we will examine their use on exhaust manifolds. These coatings help keep heat within the manifold or header. By maintaining higher exhaust gas temperatures, you will maintane a high exhaust gas velocity and thus reduce back pressure. Additionally, you'll reduce the surface temperature of the manifold (or coated component). This means lower underhood temperatures which also reduces the effects of heat on parts such as starters or alternators. We have different colors available, including Ceramic Chrome, Matte Black, Cast Iron Grey, and Metallic Grey Ice. * All withstand base metal temperatures of over 1300 deg. f. and environmental temperatures of 2000 deg. F. Some examples of our TBC's:


Environmental concerns have almost eliminated the old time chrome shop. Our CeramaKrome is an excellent alternative for those wanting performance with the great looks! This coating can be applied to any base metal that can withstand the cure temperature of 500f. CeramaKrome provides excellent corrosion protection, resists thermal fatigue, reduces underhood temperatures, and looks great doing so! Good up to 1300 degrees!*
This is an example of our ceramic Black**, on a small block chevy header. Excellent for higher performance applications utilizing turbos or superchargers. Good up to 2000 degrees!*

**We no longer offer the gloss black and have replaced it with a better performing matte black.

This is an example of our ceramic OEM Cast Iron Gray. A great coating for the restoration enthusiasts who want to keep their original factory manifolds protected. Good up to 2000 derees!*

Thermal Dispersant Coatings (TDC)

These help to disperse heat away from a coated component and evenly distribute it over the coated surface. They have good chemical and corrosion protection and are excellent in cooling heat sensitive parts such as oil pans, intake manifolds, and brake components. Available in Black or Gray.

Dry Film Lubricants (DFL)

A paint-like coating consisting of fine particles of lubricating pigments blended with a binder and special additives. After proper curing, these lubricants bond to the surface of the material and form a solid film, which reduces friction and greatly increases wear life.

*All of our coatings will withstand temperatures up to 2000 deg. F. and some in excess of 2000 deg. F. It is normal for some discoloration of the coating during use. The primary purpose of our ceramic coatings is base metal protection, with thermal properties and appearence following. Coating failure consists of delamination which is warranteed. Mechanical removal, ie; scraping your headers on a speed bump is not.