Motorcycle Ceramic Coatings

If your pipes have already seen heavy use and are in need of a little help, let us coat them and bring them back to life! The Triumph pipes below were restored to a new chrome like finish with our CeramaKrome. If you are looking for a nice finish that will not blue this is the Krome for you!

The swingarm is off of a Honda VTX1800 that we coated and polished. After seeing the results the owner soon dropped off his fuel tank and fenders. If you want the chrome look without the CO$T or the "3 month" turnaround. This may be for you!

Additionally, some people like their pipes finished in our Matte black. We even do custom work like coating the pipe but leaving the chrome tip!

Below are some nice example of our CeramaKrome and Black Out Super High Temp Ceramic Coatings. Click on an image to see a larger version.